Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Studying Government

Dear Kaitlin, I went off to college intending to study chemistry, so I could become the modern day Marie Curie. Unfortunately, I had not noticed how many courses in physics that would require. No amount of study helped me make sense of ohms and watts or related subjects.

So a rethink of my career plans became quickly necessary. I enjoyed reading and writing so majoring in English seemed a logical step. Besides, I was passing English.

I encountered the same need to take related subjects that had ended my science studies. I chose these extras based on how they fit into my schedule rather than deep contemplation. One that worked well was Constitutional Law. So I signed on and quickly discovered a new passion. After that first experience, I took every government course I could find that worked with my English requirements.

My favorite course was one called "Responsible Citizenship." It was the creation of a wonderful professor, George Miller. I knew from the first moments of our very first class that I would one day run for public office, and would have an endless interest in how to make government function properly. Prof. Miller taught us that that would only occur when most American citizens pitched in. Thankfully your mother and aunt have chosen to serve their communities by becoming teachers. Your grandfather served in the navy for many years. And I have indeed fulfilled my ambition to run for public office.

As the leader of the family in the next generation, I'm waiting with great interest to see how you choose to fulfill your responsibilities as a citizen.
Love, Gram.

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